Studio Policy

Erin Bromley
Piano Studio Policy
FEES: $80 per month (4 sessions)          30 minute session
Piano Studio Policies:
  • All lessons should be canceled at least 1 hour before the scheduled lesson time.
  • My number is 434-944-3951 where you can feel free to reach me at any time if there is a problem.
  • Please be on time for the lesson. Late arrivals will still receive the remainder of time for that lesson, but will not receive any additional time due to other pupils scheduled.
  • There are no piano lessons during holidays, inservice days, and snow days.
  • Please bring all necessary materials to each lesson. Please come prepared having PRACTICED the assigned lesson.
  • Mrs. Bromley provides piano books. The cost of the lesson book will be added to the monthly fee. Any additional music is provided on a lending basis. Feel free to bring in your own music too!
  • Each year three piano recitals will be performed; one student recital and two formal recitals
  • Have fun and enjoy the music!